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Hardwood Floor


Tired of your existing flooring and want to install new hardwood.  Miracle Hardwood Floors specializes in custom hardwood installation.  All types and sizes of hardwood such as White Oak, Brazilian, American Cherry, Hickory, Honduras Mahogany, Santos Mahogany, Canadian Maple and more

Hardwood Floor


Most hardwood floors can be refinished for a fraction of the cost of installing new floors.  Bring them back to life and enjoy them for years to come.  See our entire process below.

Hardwood Floor


Hardwood floors are susceptible to all types of damage from deep scratches and dents to water damage.  Most of the time we can repair the damaged section without having to replace the entire floor. 

Laminate & LVP Floor


New flooring can give your space a brand new look and feel.  Let us help you bring your new room to life!  We can install any type of laminate flooring or luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring.

Stair Refinishing

and Remodeling

Most wood stairways can be refinished to match your existing or new flooring to create an elegant look.  Just like our hardwood floor process outlined below we can sand and seal your stairs to create a unified look. 

Stair Rail

Refinishing & Remodeling

We can refinish your entire stair railing system.  The hand rails down, bottom trim, balusters, and shoes. Take a look at our projects to see our recent work. 

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Hardwood Refinishing Process


Furniture Moving and Prepping Area

Miracle Hardwood Floors will move all your furniture out of the project area, as well as apply a protective barrier to anything remaining.  This includes moving vanities, toliets, and appliances when needed.  

before 2.jpg


Our dustless sanding will reduce the amount of dust created during the sanding process.  You will still have a small about of dust in the air during this process, however we provide cleaning during our final stages.

samples on floor.jpg


We have many stain color options to select from, and can even mix several options to create a unique look. We use Bona and Minwax stain products.  There are several sheens available from satin (least shine) to Gloss (shiniest). We will also apply several samples on your floor so you can see it live instead of just on paper. 

finished floors 3.jpg


You will have an option of oil based or water based sealer.   Oil based will take approximately 7-8 hours to dry, may have harmful fumes, and can adjust some stain colors.  Water Based will generally take 2-3 hours to dry and is safe to use.  

finished outdoor.jpg

Buffing & Drying

Most sealers will require several coats, so after each coat we will inspect, sand/buff, and clean before the next coat.  


New Molding Installation

Once the floors are dry we will install either shoe molding or quarter round molding throughout the project.  

Spacious Living Room

Move Furniture

We will move your furniture back onto the floors once dry however we recommend not adding rugs for at least a week.  We also recommend adding pads to all furniture to protect your new floors.  



We will provide full cleaning of your project area.

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